engines at full rev. for 2007


A week or so has past and so far so good. Had a great time with family and friends and now i'm ready to start this work and school business. Last night I went to the canucks game, which was amazing. First time i'v watched a shootout (live) – overall a good way to start the week, cuz its gonna be a long one.

Oh i also got some photos printed at costco the other day which turned out really nice, they do 12"x18" for 2.99!! pretty damn good. So i'll be doing some more printing with them soon. Also been checking out istockphoto as sheima recommended, and could be cool to start up ($$$) anywho i'll all over the place with this post, since i haven't updated it in a while.

I'm at work right now and should probably get back to "work".



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3 Responses to “engines at full rev. for 2007”

  1. D:REK Says:

    U just gotta crank through until u see that light at the end of the tunnel man. It's all worthwhile in the end.

  2. UNIKFREK Says:

    dude. glad that one of us is at full rev. i'm at fully pooped. where's my whiskey???

  3. peyv& Says:

    dude im in the processes of setting this istockphoto shit up!! its awesome.

    your wiskey is sitting on ice, now drink that shit and poop it out.

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