NASA’s Moon mission (part 1 or 2) “trailer”?


First of all I dont think we've ever been on the moon, after watching that 1hour special on FOX! (yes that best news source ever) they had be convinced. Anywho it looks like they're going back (or going there for the first time) and they're promoting it for some reason with this trailer.


NASA has clearly been spending their funding wisely. The above video is a, well, teaser trailer for the next planned mission to the moon. Complete with music and editing reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica and animation that looks to have been made around the same time as the original Toy Story, it makes me really want to go see whatever movie it is they're promoting.

I guess this is meant to get the public behind this new project, and I'll admit that it does get me pretty curious about what exactly the next mission is going to entail, but I guess I don't really understand the point. Oh, what am I talking about… those drums sold me. Spend our Social Security money on a moon base, I'm all for it!

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One Response to “NASA’s Moon mission (part 1 or 2) “trailer”?”

  1. Sara Pereira Says:

    We better get to the theatre early to line up for this one on opening night….this is a movie we are talking about right? Wow. NASA….well done.

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