the future is here


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Super Hi-Vision Makes Your HDTV Obsolete Already
You think your HDTV is impressive? Your HDTV sucks. Sorry, I don't mean to be a jerk,
but it's no longer cutting edge. 1920×1080? Please. Japanese broadcaster NHK has come up
with what they call Super Hi-Vision, and it puts HD to shame with an insane resolution of
7680×4320. Yeah, that's the equivalent of 16 HDTVs crammed into one.
Like I said, your HDTV sucks.

Google Maps just released a new feature that lets you actually look around the street.
Seems to only be working in major cities for now. (GO TO THE .COM SITE)

Calling all cars, calling all cars… be on the look out for the SMS M500 GSM Watchfone. That's right, the first shipments of the M300 follow up are said to be leaving Hong Kong as of tomorrow, May 30th. Now we can all get a little Dick Tracy with "the world's smallest mobile phone" — or so says SMS Technology Australia


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2 Responses to “the future is here”

  1. D:REK Says:

    what about us suckers who don't even have hdtv what's that then? super sucky or worse?

  2. peyv& Says:

    if you don't have HDTV your one step ahead of the game..u haven't wasted your money.

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