ACCELERATOR200 (only 8 easy payments of $1Billion)


This fall, physicists plan to throw the switch on what is arguably the largest

and most complex science experimentever conducted. An underground ring of superconducting magnets, reaching from Switzerland into France, will smash together subatomic particles at incredible force.

Physicists say they're not sure what will emerge from those collisions. They're hunting a mysterious, hypothetical particle called the Higgs boson. It is also possible they will make miniature black holes, or discover new dimensions of space-time.


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One Response to “ACCELERATOR200 (only 8 easy payments of $1Billion)”

  1. D:REK Says:

    what happens if it makes one but then it engulfs paris or vienna? huh? what happens then!?!end of the world before we know it!

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