Olympic Logo?


London’s 2012 Olympics logo was unveiled yesterday, and at first you think of funky cool, then your like wtf is that suppose to be 20-12, cuz that 2nd "2" looks f'ed. then it starts to look like something from the 80's and the flinestones.

This logo cost £400,000 (thats $800,000) to produce!!!!!!!!! and is supposed to appeal to young people!!!!The young people of 1986, presumably. Compare to the original London 2012 logo,this pink yellow garbage that cost waay to much should be thrown out.

 Here are some other olympic logos, i really dig the paris, and the vancouver one is looking better to me each year. although i could go without the mouth on the head.


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2 Responses to “Olympic Logo?”

  1. UNIKFREK Says:

    u beat me to this post, too. I give up.

  2. D:REK Says:

    I don't mind it. I think it looks really cool but to be honest as an olympic logo it's trying to hard. It looks like a skateboard brand logo instead.

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