LASIK Eye Center


Well, I just booked a pre-operative Exam (A full eye exam and consultation session to determine my suitability for

Laser eye surgery) Its been a few years that I've wanted to get this done, and I think the time has come (i'm sick of contacts)


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4 Responses to “LASIK Eye Center”

  1. duckie1432 Says:

    Wow, pretty big step! You look so cute with glasses, you should wear them more often. Even more so now that you'll never be wearing them again!

  2. peyv& Says:

    yea now i'll just wear them to be cool…..NOT

  3. The BlueTie Says:

    have you done your lasik? i have done mine on 31th Aug and only one phrase for you mate, DO IT.
    Its magic, well for those w glasses

  4. peyv& Says:

    haven't done it yet….i invested into a lens for my camera..hahahah
    next time.

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