business card (round 2)


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5 Responses to “business card (round 2)”

  1. Jennifer Says:


  2. UNIKFREK Says:

    liking the yellow line on the left a lot. nice your leading on the info area of the back…make sure the spaces between all lines of text are uniform.not sure if you need to repeat your services on the back, but if you feel its important, keep it.could be really cool to track out the phone number to the same length as the email address and make the type size a lot bigger, could serve as a really cool design element. Additionally, you can have the phone number be on top of all the other info for hierarchy or on the bottom.

  3. peyv& Says:

    i'll give those a shot! thanx for the mad advice.

  4. duckie1432 Says:

    I think it's important to keep the services on both the front and back. IE. if you place the card in a rolodex, you would hardly ever turn the card around to see the services. You want to make it easy to find out what you do. From a purely practical point of view.


  5. peyv& Says:

    yea that was my thought. i'm gonna play around with spacing and font sizes

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