MTV sweet 16


Dunno if anyone of you have caught this stupid show on mtv called "sweet 16", where these little spoiled kids get ridiculous gift! Well I just ran into on youtube and i alost threw up (thats how disgusted i was)


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4 Responses to “MTV sweet 16”

  1. UNIKFREK Says:

    You haven't seen shit until u check out an episode from Season 1 with the little Persian girl from LA….

  2. peyv& Says:

    what does she do?

  3. D:REK Says:

    oh man i've seen that one… i wanted to smack her upside the head but i actually wanna do that to all the kids on that show.

  4. UNIKFREK Says:

    hahahahah this is why the show is so stinkin' awesome….

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