The 7 Lamest Fight Scenes of All Time


1. Undefeatable
Arm-Sling Woman versus Knife-Fetish Man

Combatants: Woman in arm-sling and man with worst haircut ever versus guy with knife fetish
Why it sucks: The lamest fight scene of all time also deserves credit for being one of the most homoerotic. The disturbingly sensual knife fellatio that kicks off the clip is a harbinger of three minutes of man-on-man action that seems more fitting for a Chelsea sex club than a movie combat scene. Constant grunts and groans are the soundtrack to a synchronized shirt rip-off that reveals highly greased bodies. Thankfully, a woman eventually arrives to break up the boy’s club. She has one arm in a sling and uses a towel as weapon, but the bad guy is such a pussy that is more than enough.
Highlight: After impaling the knife-fellatio man’s eye through a meat hook, arm-sling woman zings him with, “We’ll keep an eye out for you.”


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One Response to “The 7 Lamest Fight Scenes of All Time”

  1. D:REK Says:

    Absolutely amazing. I think that women is another man with a wig.

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